Plant-Based Super Foods Are In Your Kitchen!

Researchers are discovering some amazing and powerful healing qualities about the many plant-based foods readily available to us and often sitting in our crisper or pantry. We may not need to head to the Amazon Rainforest for superfoods after all. I look forward to sharing my favorite common superfoods and great recipes that include them.
This month: The humble White Button Mushroom. This little mushroom has a profound ability to protect against breast cancer, one of the three most common cancers today.
Here are some interesting facts: Seventy percent of all breast cancer cells produce their own estrogen, because breast cancer cells require estrogen for survival and proliferation. In order to produce their own estrogen, cancer cells use an enzyme called “aromatase”. You may have heard of drugs called “aromatase inhibitors”, used by breast cancer patients. As it turns out, white button mushrooms are a powerful aromatase inhibitor! So powerful, in fact, that the most recent research is showing that just 5 a day (100 grams), can actually suppress breast cell tumour growth. Studies show that both prostate and adrenal cancers respond similarly to white button mushroom intake as well. White button mushrooms have a far greater ability to inhibit aromatase than other mushroom varieties. They are a great source of B vitamins and the only naturally occurring source of vitamin D you will find in the produce department. You’ll also get about 3 grams of protein in every 100 gm serving. Note, although mushrooms are filled with health benefits, they should always be cooked in order to destroy a natually occcuring toxin, agaratine.
White button mushrooms easily give up their water while cooking, making it even easier to cook without oil.  Interested in more information on plant-based nutrition? Please do sign up for the Taiga Newsletter by entering your name and email address on the Taiga home page. You will be glad you did!