As you probably already know, eating a frog is not something I would advocate for, in the literal sense.  But I love the quote, because of where it came from and what it stands for! It was Mark Twain who once said:

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” 

So what is that “live frog” exactly?  Take a look at the tasks you need to accomplish in order to reach your goals.  What is the thing you need to do today to make the biggest gains toward you goal?  It is likely the most uncomfortable and difficult task on your to-do list.  It just usually goes that way, because acheiving your most aspired-to goal is not going to be easy.  Its going to be tough.

Eating that frog means tackling the task that is not only challenging or complex – it is the thing you are avoiding.  It’s the thing you want to do the very least.  It might be a learning curve and its probably out of your comfort zone. It’s definitely the thing that’s standing in the way of your progress.

Maybe you have a goal that’s dependent on doing something uncomfortable.  Maybe you’ve avoided making an awkward phone call, setting up an uncomfortable meeting, or confronting a difficult situation.  This is your frog.  So, eat it.  First thing in the morning.  You will be able to move forward, having completed something difficult. Completing that task will be more rewarding than you think.  You’ll be a step closer, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment… you’ll be on track.

What a relief!

Prioritize your goals and list steps you will need to take to make them happen.  Now, take the most important goal and look at the most significant step you need to take to move toward that goal. Here are some examples:

Need to get fit?  Get your workout done!  Do you have a little voice that tells you that  you’ll do your workout later?  …and then the day slips by….

Need to lose weight?  You know my mantra is the 80 – 20 rule: weight loss happens in the kitchen, exercsie helps.  Plan for and make some healthy meals. What are they going to be?   What’s for dinner? What do you need to shop for?

Need to improve your health? Food is medicine.  High cholesterol?  Diabetes?  The answer is in the food you eat.  Decrease, or better, eliminate animals and animal product consumption.  Stop cooking with oil.  Make a plan for your next meal.

Maybe your goal isn’t even health oriented.  Maybe it has to do with your career, your family or an important relationship.  Whatever it is, the remedy is in the plan you make and the steps you must take.  The most difficult of these steps is the first and most challenging.  And this is the frog you must eat!

There, doesn’t that feel good? Eating that frog is not only an accomplishment.  Its also motivation to get things done.  Its a confidence booster and a spark of energy.

So go ahead.  Eat that frog!

~Margot Freitag3024874be75b4cd5acbbf4d82e046b73