This article was tucked away, but I pulled it out today because yet again William Davis is promoting his “Wheat Belly”  book on CBC.  Pretty risky stuff; I guess he hasn’t checked out the Blue Zones, where the longest living and healthiest people on the planet eat mostly starch, vegetables and fruit. Take note that the diet he promotes is really another version of Dr. Atkin’s diet and Weston Price’s diet, both of whom died of heart disease.

In response to a recent CBC interview with an author who wrote a book promoting meat, dairy, eggs and fat:

Sadly the author of “Big Fat Surprise” has added to the confusion of what food makes us healthy. She has mistakenly included refined and processed vegetable oils in the argument against a plant-based diet, which I agree are a huge part of the problem. When we consume oils, we only get the fat of the plant, which leads to trouble. When we eat a low fat diet based on whole plant foods, we reap the benefit of all parts of the plant, which work in harmony together, and we can actually heal from disease. This has been proven by the leading nutrition mentors of our time.

In the 70’s Nathan Pritikin proved heart disease could be reversed by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. In 1990, Dr. Dean Ornish proved once again that heart disease was in fact reversible by eliminating animal foods and refined, processed foods, including oils from the diet. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s research has proven (in 1996 and again in 2014) that heart disease is not only preventable with a plant-based diet, but reversible when animal foods and refined oils are removed from the diet.

Dr. Neal Barnard (PCRM) and his diabetes research team looked to the countries with the lowest incidences of diabetes. No surprise, the lowest diabetes rates occur in the countries where the diet is predominantly starch (carbohydrate) based. (including Asian countries like Japan). With this information, and the knowledge that heart disease often goes hand in hand with diabetes, they discovered that the insulin receptor in the diabetic is blocked with fat. When study subjects are put on a low fat, plant-based diet, the insulin receptors clear, and the insulin can once again get into the cell. In fact diabetes is totally reversible with a low fat, whole foods, plant based diet. Dr Swank, back in the 50’s put his Multiple Sclerosis patients on a plant based diet, and they lived symptom- free without disease progression for the rest of their lives. Swank followed his patients for 34 years. We  know autoimmune diseases are caused by molecular mimicry, animal proteins similar in structure to our own. Dr. John McDougall has been reversing autoimmune diseases, cancers, heart disease and diabetes in his patients for years now by prescribing a vegan diet, low in fat, and rich in starch. Dr Colin Campbell in his over 40 years of research discovered that all stages of cancer growth are strongly promoted by animal protein, namely casein, the main protein in cow milk. In his famous research, The China Study, Dr. Campbell and his team which included researchers from Cornell University, Oxford University and the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine, discovered that animal protein was actually a cancer switch: when more then 11% of daily calories came from animal protein, cancer growth is stimulated. Plant protein does not have this effect, including protein from wheat and soy. So why is the same dietary prescription reversing 80% of the diseases common in the Western world?

Heres a hint: In the animal kingdom, omnivores and carnivores have an inherent ability to produce their own vitamin C. Herbivores must consume their vitamin C because they can’t produce it. This of course, includes people. Maybe we are inherently herbivores, and we are supposed to be eating plants, not animals…..When studies done by Famous Cardiac Pathologist Dr. William Roberts researched high cholesterol diets in omnivores, carnivores and herbivores, he discovered that no matter how much cholesterol an omnivore or carnivore is fed, they cannot develop atherosclerotic plaque. When herbivores, including rabbits and vegetarian monkeys are fed the same high cholesterol diet, they developed atherosclerosis very easily. Dr. Roberts concludes that since atherosclerosis is a disease only herbivores can get, humans must therefore be herbivores. Dr. Roberts also explains that without cholesterol, we simply do not have the “bricks and morter” to build atherosclerotic plaque. This highights the importance of avoiding foods with cholesterol (animal foods), and minimizing refined and processed oils, since oil consumption stimulates the liver to produce cholesterol.

As well, humans, like other herbivores have carbohydrate digesting enzymes in their saliva, indicating that we require them, and use them as soon as they are consumed. Carbohydrates are required for brain function. The human brain needs 500 calories of carbohydrates every day.

The slimmest and healthiest populations on earth are those that eat a high starch (high carbohydrate) diet.

We know that high consumption of animal products leads to bone loss and osteoporosis, muscle wasting and Alzheimer’s, and a myriad of other diseases and conditions.

Atkin’s of the Atkin’s diet died of heart disease as did Weston Price. Famous paleo nutritionist Robert Crayhon died of colon cancer at age 49… his belief that the cholesterol – heart disease link was a myth. Colon cancer, is of course linked to meat consumption. (humans have intestines of herbivores, not of omnivores or carnivores, which are short and smooth, ideal for efficiently eliminating decaying flesh.

Promoting a diet based on copius amounts of meat and cheese is dangerous. True carnivores don’t have to cook their meat just to survive the experience! The research is abundant and clear. Nina must have ignored the bulk of nutrition research to conclude that animal products are healthy and are “filled” with nutrients” and that animal protein “fills” you more than fibre. Please check the following: (be sure to scroll down to see the damaged arteries before and after a whole foods plant based diet.)…/plant-based-diets-and…/…/more-than-an-apple-a-day…/

Finally the author the “Big Fat Surprise” suggest that a diet devoid of animal products is boring. As an individual who has recovered health by adopting a whole foods, plant based diet, I can tell you my diet is more colourful and delicious than ever. A variety of plants I never even knew existed keep me healthy and energized and I am protected from the diseases that kill most of us in the Western world. I am the owner of Taiga Whole health, promoting a Whole Foods Plant Based diet, for human health, the health of the planet and for the welfare of animals. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the benefits of a Whole foods, plant based diet, or find me at and facebook at Taiga Whole Health.


Margot Freitag

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