IMG_0451My Mum tells a story that when I was 2 years old, I climbed onto the kitchen counter and took one bite out of each and every apple in the entire basket she’d just brought home from the grocery store.  Not much has changed.  I eat apples every day.  My favourite are organic Gala apples.  The are crispy and sweet, and when you bite into them they snap back.  Between my children, my horses and I we go through a lot of them.  The best part is that they are so darn good for you.  Apples are full of phytonutrients and antioxidants, rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene and have small amounts of minerals as well.  They are high in sugar but as a whole food have a low glycemic index (44).   Apples are rich in fibre which has endless benefits in itself, helping prevent the absorption of LDL cholesterol and healthy for the colon.  Apples are free of saturated fat and cholesterol and have a mere 50 calories in 100gm.

Apples are unfortunately a heavily pesticide-contaminated fruit.  Therefore it is important to buy organic apples, and if you just can’t, be sure to wash them thoroughly to remove residue.


Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Just think what 2 might do!


An apple update!  Dr. Gregor explains how apples protect against cancer: