While putting the finishing touches on my website, the wonderful folks who are the masterminds of my website broke the news to me that a couple of my testimonials were just too long for the site.  The two ladies that wrote these took time out of their busy schedules to write them, and I felt they needed to be shared.  So, here they are, nestled nicely into my blog:

“Although I have always been a conscientious eater, the Taiga 30 day challenge was a real springboard to propel me in a new direction.  The experience of participating in the 30 day challenge convinced me wholeheartedly the merits of eating a plant-based diet.   I noticed within only a few days the boost in energy. I was  able to easily lose those last stubborn pounds of ‘baby-fat’ and have since lost even more all without deprivation.  With Margot’s gentle guidance the wall of conscious disconnect that I found myself increasingly having to erect in order to consume animal protein came crashing down. Thank you Margot for your direction in leading me towards a healthier, happier way of living.  We cannot underestimate the power held in the choices we make at least 3 times daily in the consumption of our body’s fuel!” – Catherine T.


“My experience with whole food, plant-based eating started with a conversation.  Margot told me that she had been eating vegan for several years, and I said “I could NEVER do that!” She assured me that I could, and I began the 30 day challenge.  Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to change their eating habits and lifestyle.  Mine were high cholesterol, weight management, eczema, and fatigue.

The first week was the most difficult, but still manageable.  I had cravings for fats and dairy, but with Margot’s support and great recipes, I managed to work through them. By the second week, the results that I was seeing were all the encouragement I needed.  My energy levels were increasing, my skin was improving, and I felt great.

The group meetings provided information, but also support, ideas, and fun!  The more I learned about where our food comes from, the more empowered I felt to continue with the changes that I had made.  I had never put less than the best on my body, or my skin, but I had been feeding it garbage.

At the end of the 30 days, I knew I felt great, people described me as “glowing”, but it is the numbers that get people’s attention.  Mine were significant; I lost 8 pounds and my cholesterol dropped over 2 points!  In the months since, I have kept up my new eating habits and continue to feel great about what I am doing for myself, as well as for animals and the environment.” -Susan B.


Thank you so much ladies, now as Steve Jobs once said: “Lets put a dent in the universe!”  ~Margot