Hello my friends!

There is a new and interesting rumble I am hearing more frequently these days, and it came up again yesterday while I was talking to my friend, Sue. I thought it might be helpful if I address this curious notion here.

While we were out walking, Sue explained how discouraged she is about her struggle with a sugar addiction.

She told me me how guilty she feels about her sugar cravings and that she is trying so hard to keep her sugar intake low. She was feeling pretty down and with a palpable sense of defeat, she told me that sometimes she just can’t help herself. “To add to it all”, Sue said, “I am always tired. In fact, I’m exhausted.”

She started to blame her body and wondered out loud if it’s a hormonal thing or an age thing… And then, she said “I just want fruit, but I know that’s just sugar too. I feel so guilty and I know I shouldn’t but sometimes I’ll just eat a whole bowl of grapes”.

With a little probing, I found that, like many people who struggle with sugar cravings, Sue is trying really hard to eat a low carb diet. Sue is not unlike so many people I have spoken to who say they “know” how bad sugar can be for you. It seems that somewhere people are picking up the idea that, since sugar isn’t good for you, that means fruit must not be good, because “sugar is sugar”, they say.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me explain. Humans are obligate carbohydrate consumers. One of the many traits we share with other herbivores is that our saliva contains “salivary amylase” a carbohydrate digesting enzyme, which gets to work breaking down carbohydrates just as soon as we put them in our mouths. Carbohydrates, or sugars, are human fuel, and are the first source of energy available for our body. Humans require carbohydrates. In other words, humans require sugar.

But let me clarify. I am not talking about white refined table sugar. I am talking about the sugars that are naturally occurring in whole, plant foods. The sugar in fruit has never been implicated in any adverse health effect. The sugar in fruit is a natural source of fuel that comes packaged with fibre, vitamins, minerals, and phyto-chemicals, all of which are health-promoting. In fact, the sweetness of fruit is nature’s way of encouraging us to eat this health-promoting, perfect food!

If you are craving sugar, eat fruit! Fruit is a beautiful source of protective, health-promoting ingredients your body needs. It’s a great source of Vitamin C which we need to consume plenty of every day. (Humans are one of the very few animals that cannot produce vitamin C. Now isn’t that a testimony to how much fruit and veggies we should be eating!)

So, I ask you,

Does confusion about nutrition, the variable do’s and don’ts of healthy eating, and conflicting guidelines for weight loss keep you from reaching your goals?

Do you find yourself following diet strategies that defy your intuition and result in failing efforts?

Simple clarification about how and what to eat to promote health and effortless weight loss can unravel the confusion and set you on a clear, successful path to health.

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In gratitude and good heath,

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